ABBIT Relaunch

It’s a new year and we are so excited. As you may have noticed we have been busy and are still busy at work putting things together for ABBIT to relaunch this year. ABBIT will relaunch this year and continue its mission to motivate and reward students.

Our relaunch will be right back in Marshall, Texas. This is definitely exciting because Marshall is where the idea originally started back in 1986. Back in 1986, an educator saw that there was a need to help motivate students. Students were struggling with the “want” to do their work.  That educator felt that just like we as adults need a little motivation, students are no different. Students need motivation and to be recognized and rewarded for the school work efforts.

From that idea, the motto “A’s and B’s Because I try” or ABBIT was born. ABBIT went on to be a staple not only in Marshall but in several other communities throughout the United States. It was truly a gem because it was the only National Honor Roll for Elementary Students that ALL students could truly be in.

Over 30 years later and the need to motivate and recognize our students remains the same. It is probably even more necessary today that we show our students that good grades matter, that effort and growth matter. Developing this early in an elementary school student’s life can definitely set up a path for success for years to come.

As we relaunch our mission this year, community support has always been foundational to us. From the schools helping instill that desire and motivation to the students, to the parent and family members encouraging their student to keep up the good work, to the local businesses that support ABBIT by helping reward the students, we ALL play a part.

As ABBIT continues its mission, it is our deep hope that schools, families and community support will be with us every step of the way as we move to motivate and reward a whole new generation of students.

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