Abbit Rewards

Refer a Sponsor

If you refer a local business in your area to become an Abbit sponsor and they become a sponsor for the school year, Abbit will give you 10% each for up to 3 sponsors off all of your school’s order for that school year. So schools have the potential to receive 30% off of each order they place for that school year! Orders have to be a minimum of $50.00. 

Student Drawing

Are you an Abbit School that has used Abbit throughout the year? Do you want to reward your Abbit students? Then why not have a drawing for them! Schools will need to;

  1. Keep up with the names of the Abbit students that make all A’s and all A’s & B’s for each grading period. Have a system for entering their names each time they make it.
  2. At the end of the year, the school will pull names from all A’s and all A’s &B’s and submit the winners’ names to Abbit for a Prize.
  3. Schools may also submit a winner name for an Honorary Abbit, but please note that those students that are entered into that drawing, should not be the same students that were entered into the drawing for all A’s and all A’s & B’s. 

For more information about Refer a Sponsor or the Student Drawing rewards, please contact us at