The ABBIT Society (A’s and B’s Because I Try) is an elementary school honor roll program founded in 1986 by an educator who believed that students need motivation and encouragement to help them excel in the classroom. Since its start, ABBIT has been highly effective in motivating elementary-aged students to not only do their work but to want to earn good grades by recognizing and rewarding them for their efforts. ABBIT has been estimated to have motivated and recognized over 1,000,00 students. Schools that have used the ABBIT program have reported an increase in the A and B Honor Roll.


To motivate students to do their best work in the classroom by recognizing and rewarding them.


The Abbit Society is an Honor Roll Program for Elementary Schools designed to motivate, encourage and recognize all students for their efforts in the classroom.


ABBIT has a wide variety of low-cost items that schools can choose from to help motivate and recognize their students. These items are made with the thought in mind to showcase a student’s ABBIT membership each time they make the required grades on their report cards. ABBIT also encourages local businesses to get involved by rewarding ABBIT membership.