Because We Try

This year has certainly been life changing for all of us. There has been a lot of changes that have had to be made. Adjustments in our daily lives and in our family and personal lives. It is our hope that while these are diffcult times, that we are finding our way through, one day at a time.

With those changes and adjustments, has been a change to our student’s education. Most students have been learning at home through the use of technology are packets that have been sent home. We know that this is not the norm for our students. No doubt, it has been hard at times for parents to help with the lessons and to make sure that the learning has continued. While parents have been doing a remarkable job at this task, we understand that this might not come natural. We also know that it is quite different than the daily school life our students are used to. This has probably at times made it hard for them to be able to complete their work.

Through all of the difficulties though, we, you, they, have prevailed and still are prevailing. We applaud you, parents, for your diligence and effort in assisting your children with their school work. Students, we applaud you for hanging in there and making this huge adjustment in your daily routine. Educators, we applaud you for rising to the occasion and tirelessly working from home to provide not only lessons for your students but maybe for your own kids as well.

At ABBIT, we applaud you all for your hard work and dedication through this most difficult time. We have always believed and will continue to believe that we can accomplish anything because we try.

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