Community Support

The ABBIT Society welcomes and thrives off of community support. By working together, we help motivate local elementary students in your area to do their best to work for good grades.

How You Can Help

Is a school in your area utilizing the ABBIT program? If they are, you can help if you are a local business by donating an item or a service to students.

How it Works

When students meet their school’s criteria for membership in the ABBIT program, they will receive a membership card. That membership card will have the student’s name, school name and the dates that the card is valid for. Also with the card, the students and their parents/guardians will be informed of local businesses that support ABBIT. When the student shows your local establishment the membership card, then the item/service that you are offering, you can give to that student at that time. It’s that simple.


Of course, we are sure you agree that the benefits of serving your community are too many to count! When we support our local families and schools, WE ALL WIN!

By supporting ABBIT, you not only are supporting your local community, but you are also encouraging the community to support local businesses.

Support ABBIT

We would love to work with you to support students.

Please contact us by mail at:

The ABBIT Society, 1203B #302 E Grand Ave. , Marshall, TX 75670

or by email: