When was Abbit originally started?

Abbit was originally started in 1986 by an educator in Marshall, Texas.

What grade levels does Abbit primarily serve?

Abbit is most beneficial at the elementary level or for grades K-5. 

Is there a membership charge to use Abbit?

There is no membership charge to use Abbit. Abbit is free of charge to use.

How does Abbit work?

Abbit works by being an Honor Roll incentive program meant to motivate and reward students to make good grades. You can learn more about how Abbit works by clicking here

Is there a way to suggest items for Abbit to sell?

Yes, just send your suggestion to info@theabbitsociety.com

Our school is tax exempt, how do we make sure we are not charged taxes?

Upon your first order with each new school year, currently we ask for a copy of your tax exempt certificate to be sent to us. 

How can we get local businesses to support our Abbit program?

Usually by just reaching out to businesses in your area and explaining the program to them. Most businesses would love to support their local schools. Direct them to our website or our social media pages for them to get more familiar with Abbit. You can also direct them to the community support article on our website. We can also reach out to the business, just email us at info@theabbitsociety.com and we can reach out to them. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept check payments, as it is our most popular form of payment from schools.