How ABBIT Works

Are you an educator concerned that your students don’t seem to care about doing their best in the classroom? You are not alone. Across the board, educators struggle with finding things that can motivate their students. That’s where ABBIT comes in. ABBIT, is the fun and proven program that can turn this around this year! ABBIT is a teacher founded program that has successfully motivated students across the nation to try their best for good grades. Utilizing ABBIT at your school can not only help motivate your students, but there are no fees associated with using ABBIT. We only ask that you honor our trademark and use our ready to use and affordable materials for your program. That’s it. Please look around our website and learn more about how easy and affordable it is to start using ABBIT in your school. Teachers love this program because students start caring about their work. Students love ABBIT because it is fun and rewarding. Let ABBIT work for you!