The new year is moving right along and so is ABBIT!

The ABBIT Society has re-launched and we have been working hard behind the scenes to make sure we are truly supporting schools and our students. The support has been wonderful and we truly thank you and ask that you keep the support coming as we continue to foresee nothing but growth and great things for 2020.

If you are an elementary school, you may be wondering how could you use ABBIT to motivate your students? Well, there are several ways, it truly is adaptable for your school. But, we realize that some are refamiliarizing themselves with ABBIT while others might not know about ABBIT at all. We are here to help.

 In upcoming posts, we will be sharing some examples of how ABBIT can be used and utilized in your school. We will start right at the basics to get you more acquainted with ABBIT, ways you can start to implement ABBIT, possible products to use and how to encourage your parents and community to support your efforts.

Restarting a program at your school or implementing a new one can be hard, but rest assured ABBIT is a program for your students that is easy to use and most of all, designed to motivate and promote good work habits within your students. 

We hope this new post series will be of benefit and help you to design and implement your ABBIT plan specifically for your students. 

Have ways or suggestions on how someone could use ABBIT? Have something about ABBIT you want to learn more about? Post them in the comments below. 

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