How to Use ABBIT at Your School

ABBIT is a National Honor Roll Program specifically for elementary school students. This usually is grades within the range of K-5. Implementing ABBIT at your school is very simple. 

ABBIT is built around motivating and rewarding students. Please read on to see some ways you can run your ABBIT program at your school. Please be mindful, that these are just suggestions. These are ways we have found to be the best way to organize and run an ABBIT program, but at the end of the day, it is up to you. All we ask is that you always keep the idea of motivating ALL STUDENTS as the main focus of your ABBIT program.  


For a program to be able to run efficiently, it is best to have an ABBIT Coordinator. You might already have someone or a committee that helps with student incentives, honor roll and grade celebrations on your campus. Or, maybe you have a very active PTA that could assist. Designating an ABBIT Coordinator or Committee is a good way to run your ABBIT program.  

Honor Roll

ABBIT is an Honor Roll Program that is designed to reward your students who make A’s and B’s (A’s & B’s, all B’s, all A’s) during a grading period. When a student makes the honor roll, they will be given a membership card. The card shows that the student is an ABBIT student for a specific time range. The student may also receive other ABBIT recognition such as ribbons, certificates and more. Please check out our shop to find low-cost items for your ABBIT program.

Honorary ABBIT

There are times that you will have students that even with their best effort, they may not make the honor roll. We feel though that those students should still be honored. Did they show growth or progress? Are they headed in the right direction? Then they are an ABBIT student in our book, an honorary ABBIT student. A school could reward a student who is headed in the ABBIT direction. 

Of course, this is totally up to the school if and how that student is rewarded. Please remember that ABBIT is all about motivating and encouraging ALL students. Making a student who is showing progress an honorary ABBIT, just might be the motivation and recognition that this student needs. 

Sponsors/Community Support

Another cool thing about ABBIT is the program promotes community involvement. Getting sponsors for your ABBIT program is another way to really motivate your students. Reaching out to local businesses to see if they would be willing to reward students by gifting them with something from their business is a good motivation for students. All students would have to do is to show their ABBIT membership cards when they come in and the business can reward the student with an item. 

For example, if it was an ice cream shop, maybe the student could get free ice cream. Or a free kids meal. Whatever the business would be willing to donate. It would be good to reach out to businesses in your area ahead of time, to see if they would be willing to support your ABBIT program. 

If you would like our help with getting sponsors for your ABBIT program, please let us know. 


Another way you could promote your ABBIT program is by having some sort of ABBIT party at the end of a grading period. It could be something simple as a movie and/or popcorn party. Having extra recess time or computer time could also be a fun incentive for the student. You could also have a pizza party or save this for one big party at the end of the year. Maybe one of your community sponsors would be willing to help with the cost. 

As you can see, ABBIT is a simple program with so many rewards that come from using it. It is easy to start and to coordinate once you get it going on any campus. If you have any questions or you have some suggestions that you would like to share as far as how ABBIT is working on your campus, please feel free to email us at

Thank you for using ABBIT and Best Wishes with your Program!