Start with ABBIT

Getting Started

Getting started with ABBIT has never been easier. Here’s the top 5 ways to get started. 

  1. Coordinator/Helpers

You will need someone to help oversee and to be generally in charge of your ABBIT program. This could be done by whomever such as a current school committee that would be willing to organize the ABBIT program at your school.

  1. Honor System

Honor Roll

ABBIT was founded on the idea of rewarding students for Academic Achievement. This would be for students who have demonstrated achievement by:

  1. All A Honor Roll
  2. A and B Honor Roll

Honorary ABBIT

We truly want all students to be ABBIT students, even if they have not made the honor roll just yet. We believe that students who are showing growth in their academics should be rewarded as well. These would be your students who might not yet be on the honor roll, but who are quite close, those who are headed in that direction or students that show remarkable progress or growth in certain subjects(s), tests, elective achievements, etc.  We like to call those students, Honorary ABBIT’s. 

These are suggestions of how ABBIT has been shown to be best used. How you run ABBIT at your school should be based upon what is best for your students.  

  1. When to reward Students

You want to consider how often to reward your ABBIT students. The easiest way to do this is by rewarding them at the end of each grading period. Such as at the end of a 6 week or 9 week grading period. Some schools like to reward students at progress report time and at the end of the grading period. The choice is open to you. Just remember, students need constant motivation, so make sure if you are using the end of the grading period method, that students are keeping that ABBIT incentive in front of them.

  1. Student Rewards

We all love to be rewarded for our accomplishments. ABBIT has student rewards that they will enjoy receiving. We recommend trying different items to see what your students most like receiving or trying a different item at the end of each grading period. But, our cornerstone best selling item is the ABBIT Member Card. This is the best item to start with as it identifies the student as being an ABBIT member. If you have local community business support, this makes ABBIT cards even better.  Check out the ABBIT Shop to get started. 

  1. Sponsor/Community Supporters

ABBIT works even better when you partner with sponsors within your community. By getting local community support to honor students when they show their membership cards, this will be a guaranteed incentive for students. 

For more information, please review our How to Use ABBIT at Your School page. 

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